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09/04/2017 06:26am
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Fic update: Chasing the Dragon, Ch. 3  
01/26/2012 04:11am
Creepy Mustache
Yeah so I added another chapter to my Sherlock fic (the one in which Sherlock, like Towly, likes to get high - in his case on opium)…This chapter is mega-cheesy, but I’m still hoping there will be some actual smut coming down the pike at some point. What EVER! Just about sums up my mature attitude towards it at this time.

Title: Chasing The Dragon
Author: arby_m
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Rating: M
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: angst, dubious consent
Length: ~5000 words (WIP)
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended.
Note: Takes place in Season One. No spoilers for S2. Rating for future chapters. Dub-con warning is for altered state/drug use.
Summary: John catches Sherlock smoking opium, and it reveals a side of Sherlock he's never seen before.
Sample: “My point is that it is exactly that very cognitive dissonance on your part that renders what we are doing arousing.” Only Sherlock could have made that sentence sound sexy, instead of as if it came from a textbook. “And I feel it vicariously, through you.”

John’s brain is too busy turning to jelly to permit him to contradict that statement. Sherlock’s hand is on John’s dick, for Christ’s sake. How can he be expected to carry on an intellectual conversation about social mores with these kinds of shenanigans going on?

Link: fake cut to the Ao3:

( Chasing The Dragon )
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Fic: Chasing the Dragon  
01/16/2012 03:41am
Creepy Mustache
Oh.. forgot to mention, I finally made some progress on my Sherlock fic - 2 chapters down!

Can't bear to write about TRF just yet.

Title: Chasing The Dragon

Author: [info]arby_m
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Rating: M
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: angst, dubious consent
Length: ~4000 words (WIP)
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended.
Note: Takes place in Season One. No spoilers for S2. Rating for future chapters. Dub-con warning is for altered state/drug use.
Summary: John catches Sherlock smoking opium, and it reveals a side of Sherlock he's never seen before.

Sample: He's about to get up, go do something - anything to get away from being in this moment - when Sherlock lifts his right hand languidly and touches the side of John's face.
No, that's imprecise. Being around Sherlock has given him a newfound respect for precision in language.
Sherlock doesn't just touch it; he caresses it, all the while staring at John as if John is a strange new species of creature he's never seen before. Closetus Homosexualis, perhaps, or maybe Homo Bisapiens.

And..fake cut to the Ao3:

( Chasing The Dragon )
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Fic Amnesty Day!  
01/04/2012 05:59am
Creepy Mustache
I didn't really mean to - I think I'm trying to cram as much as I can into my last real day of vacay - but I guess I declared a Fic Amnesty Day by default. I just posted three old fic-bits to the Ao3. Maybe this will incent me to finish them. Or not. I'm okay with either, I think - which is in itself a kind of victory. \o/

  • Fandom: due South
    Title: Some Like It Ray
    Pairing: Benton Fraser/Ray Vecchio
    Rating: PG-13
    Spoilers: "Some Like It Red"
    Warnings: None
    Length: 1,285 (WIP)
    Note: Second-worst title ever.
    Summary: Seeing Fraser in drag seems to have broken Ray's brain.
    Sample: Ben was doing a quick change in the back of the Crown Vic, writhing around like a contortionist back there, complaining about pantyhose, for God's sake. Ray tried not to look in the rearview but at times it was unavoidable for the safety of himself and his passenger, not to mention that of his beloved vehicle.
    Link: Here at the A03.

  • Fandom: due South
    Title: Fraser and Ray in the Submersible of Love
    Pairing: Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski
    Rating: PG-13
    Spoilers: "Mountie on the Bounty, Part 2"
    Warnings: None
    Length: ~400 (one-shot)
    Note: Another god-awful title!
    Summary: What Ray was thinking when they're in the tiny submarine.
    Sample: Something seems awfully queer about this whole enterprise. Fraser's behavior is bad enough, but what's worse, he's getting a sinking suspicion – no pun intended – that he, Stanley Raymond Kowalski, an avowedly straight dude, just might like it.
    Link: Here at the A03.

  • Fandom: Weeds
    Title: Thy Brother's Wife
    Pairing: Andy Botwin/Nancy Botwin
    Rating: R (sex)
    Note: This really is the worst title ever, but it's the only one I could think of that seemed even remotely appropriate. I can't just call it "Untitled Weeds #2"!
    Summary: Andy Botwin's always wanted the one thing he couldn't have.
    Sample: Jill isn't even his type, and she's always been a stone-cold biatch, but she's lonely and he's hurting and he knows this will get to Nancy, it'll rankle and irritate her and it's not at all that he's like a neglected dog for whom negative attention is better than no attention, it's that he wants to punish her for fucking everything that moves except him. But, as usual, the only one he ends up hurting is himself.
    Link: Here at the A03.

Can I just say for the record, I don't understand why the fandom for Weeds is so tiny? Nancy/Andy to me is an EPIC pairing that should have a metric shit-ton of fic, but there's only a handful. The two appropriate comms, copenhagen_love and weeds_fic, haven't been updated in WEEKS, if not months. It's a crying shame!!!!

/needs Andy/Nancy icons
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I'm back, bitches!!  
01/02/2012 04:11am
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I know I said that last January, but this time I mean it! I've missed you, LJ. The problem is, ever since my company got bought out by an evil corporate overlord, I don't have nearly as much time to read LJ, since I no longer feel even remotely comfortable reading it on the work laptop, let alone in the office. But I am making a New Year's Resolution to make more time for fandom in 2012. And to start the new year off right, I wrote a new story! (Well, finished a story I'd had kicking around since two Christmases ago - semantics! I wrote nearly 4k words in 2 days, that's all that matters.)

I give you:

Fandom: Merlin
Title: Noblesse Oblige
Author: arby_m
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: PG-13 (roundabout mentions of sex)
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: None.
Length: ~5000 words
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended.
Note: Takes place in Season One.
Summary: Uther gives Arthur an assignment, but Arthur has a wee project of his own - to get Merlin into bed.
Sample: Merlin gave Arthur a sidelong look. "You said I had beautiful eyes," he remarked pertly.
Arthur scowled. "That was the poison talking. Obviously."
"Interesting," said Merlin. "Never knew anyone to pay unwarranted compliments whilst in a poison-induced delirium before."
Arthur scowled even harder."Well, the things you don't know would fill a book, Merlin."

And..fake cut to the Ao3:

( Noblesse Oblige )

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Thoughts! Thinky thoughts on Sherlock  
01/15/2011 06:14pm
Creepy Mustache
Ok so LJ, I've been gone all year to Facebook and Twitter, but I'm back now. I'm rewatching Sherlock and considering maybe writing some fic (*gasp*). Below some thinky thoughts.

Is Sherlock thinking John is coming on to him at the restaurant out of character? Why else would he notice it, when what's-her-face at the mortuary is so obvious about trying to ask him out and he is oblivious. Or is he? Maybe it's deliberate? Maybe he can't imagine her being interested because he's gay? Notice he didn't react with horror to the restauranteur's remarks about their being on a date, nor to John's asking if he had a boyfriend. Most canon would seem to indicate that Sherlock is asexual, but I think BC plays him as gay, or at least not unaware that sexuality exists. He chooses not to exercise it - possibly ever - but he is not completely neutered.

What's-her-face #2 (sad, and telling, that I can't remember either of the two female characters names!) Aka black detective - is so bitter towards Sherlock, her motivation seems obvious. She made a pass at him and he was dismissive/oblivious. (There's definitely a story there, but is it worth writing? Her character is so unpleasant in the pilot. And what's his face, dick detective (ha!) So unappealing. But might be a fun challenge. Cf Maya and Pansy Parkinson.)

So is my John/Sherlock story about how differently Sherlock reacts to John than everyone else? (John pov) because he definitely does. Or is it about how John feels softly/empathy/gets Sherlock when everyone else so clearly does not? (Sherlock pov)

I feel like it's analogous to SPN in that writing Sam POV is fairly easy (for me anyway) because he's more in touch with his feelings - though in 6 times I managed to write a clueless Sam in a fairly successful way - whereas Dean is harder because he is less transparent?

Ah! Rodney = Sam = Watson
Sheppard = Dean = Sherlock?

You could argue Rodney & Sherlock are more analogous because of the whole arrogant genius aspect, but from a writing perspective the opaque quality is more relevant, I think.

So then the challenge is to write Sherlock POV and show, not tell, even though Sherlock doesn't notice anything he does not consider relevant (c.f. astronomy fail re: sun & moon) and is sociopathic (though i would argue more Aspie) enough to fail to understand emotions like grief (c.f. Rachel and "why is she still upset about that? It happened 14 years ago").

Though really, isn't that also OOC in a way? His whole schtick is based on knowing people's motivations. How can he do that if he doesn't understand emotions like most other humans? Or duh, that's why Watson is there, to be Sherlock's conscience, his barometer - to feel the things Sherlock has locked away.

Posted via LjBeetle

ETA: Ha ha! Made Sherlock icon - it's just a base, I will probably add text but I can't decide what it'll be. Feel free to gank if you like.

Son of ETA:

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07/02/2010 11:07am
Creepy Mustache
  • 12:30 once again I know what made Andy Partridge bang his head against the wall - unremitting ear pain #
  • 13:38 Neighbors complaining about strong weed smell in hallway. Not mine but I don't mind it. They want to chat, presumably get me on their side #
  • 13:39 My sister's response texts were hilarious #
  • 13:40 "I think you should get one of those rasta dread wigs with attached knit multicolored hat and answer 'no problem' whatever they ask you" #
  • 13:41 "Also, bring them some brownies and offer one to the baby, then wink" #
  • 13:41 "Carry a beeper and check it frequently during the conversation, and when they look questioningly shrug and say, 'just bizness mon'" #
  • 13:42 "Lastly when they say they're worried about the situation, say you have something that can help with that, if they're interested. Then wink" #
  • 13:49 Sitting in ENT waiting office in agony, tweeting to distract self from pain. Appointment was at one and I was on time!! WTF #
  • 13:50 If this fucker tells me it's TMJ again, I will punch him in the face! Usually it is ear infection but one time he was like "it's just TMJ" #
  • 21:46 well, that was a nightmare - waited for 1.5 hours, had just started to cry from agony when Dr walked in. He had no sympathy at all #
  • 21:48 Stuck a probe through my nose/down my throat, apparently for fun because it had no bearing on my ear - and gave me a condescending pamphlet #
  • 21:49 prescribed Cipro and Tylenol #3 w/ Codeine - too bad the latter does nothing for me except put me to sleep - and ear drops. he put a wick in #
  • 21:49 which has of course already come out #
  • 21:51 so my life blows right now. Here is Chapter 1 of The Dialectic of Sex - best book ever IMHO #firestonelives #
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06/24/2010 11:08am
Creepy Mustache
  • 12:58 @feministhulk has Hulk read The Dialectic of Sex? Puts Freud in a new light. Still phallocentric but he was not completely wrong. #
  • 12:58 when will people stop blathering about soccer??? Newsflash: I still don't care #sportsarestupid #
  • 17:43 Since I didn't get empaneled or whatever (they negged me) I can now say, it was a trip & fall case #
  • 17:44 And when the lawyers were like "who here has tripped and fallen in their building" it was pretty funny #
  • 17:46 Shockingly there was only the once but that was just the public hallway - not counting the times I fell down the stairs inside my own apt #
  • 17:50 I didn't go to JD today because I had to take my cat to the hospital #
  • 19:00 I wonder if my chiropractor is at all attracted to me - I think he's dreamy #
  • 19:01 Even though he has a shaved head and young bald guys freak me out big time, I have managed to overcome it #
  • 19:02 Plus I bet he would be great in bed - excellent hands #
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06/23/2010 01:00pm
Creepy Mustache
  • 13:41 @ FeministHulk - has Hulk read The Dialectic of Sex? Puts Freud in a new light. Still phallocentric but he was not completely wrong. #
  • 13:44 At Jury Duty - never been so tired in my entire life!! 2.5 hrs of sleep. Took short nap in waiting room but got called - worse luck! #
  • 13:46 Also? It is cold as shit inside the building, but hot as balls outside - typical!! #
  • 13:57 Also, cute boy in jury pool, but he didn't get called to my case. Suspect he's infant b/c clerk asked if he was missing classes #
  • 15:39 Wow, I never thought my extensive history of falling down would ever be relevant to jury selection! #
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Are Women Human?  
06/10/2010 12:19am
Creepy Mustache
"If women were human, would we be a cash crop shipped from Thailand in containers into New York's brothels? Would we be sexual and reproductive slaves? Would we be bred, worked without pay our whole lives, burned when our dowry money wasn't enough or when men tired of us, starved as widows when our husbands died (if we survived his funeral pyre)?"
- Catharine MacKinnon, quoted here
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